Bye, Bye Candy Addiction

A health makeover that really worked.

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Before and after photos are on my blog.

I always loved and ate a lot of candy and desserts and I was definitely addicted to sugar. My favorite holiday has always been Halloween, specifically because of all the candy. I actually looked forward to any holiday because of the new colorful and tasty bags of candy that would be out in the stores months in advance. When eating out, I would always find the dessert menu first and plan what I was going to have! 

I was never overweight growing up, but remember not ever eating properly. I would skip breakfast, eat a candy bar or chips for lunch, and a not so healthy dinner. I wasn’t weight conscious until a track coach in high school told me that I needed to lose 10 pounds. I remember going on a two-week popcorn diet before my senior trip! A few years after high school and living on my own, my weight ran up to 168 lbs. I remember making regular trips to drug stores and convenience stores for candy and gallons of ice cream!

After I got married, I still had no idea how to eat, let alone cook! I would make big batches of food like chili, spaghetti, casseroles…you know, one-dish wonders with canned cream of anything. As always, I had my stash of candy. My weight fluctuated up and down 20-25 lbs. Sometimes I would just starve myself when I felt that I needed to lose weight or a try ridiculous new diet trend. I hardly ever ate fruit and vegetables and I never remember drinking very much water. 

About 10 years ago, I got down to 118 lbs. I lost the weight by just eating frozen diet meals and soup. Can you say sodium? I did join a gym and attempted to look like I was working out, but my nutrition stunk. I was still eating candy and junk on the side and would skip meals to “make up for it”. I would always try to convince myself that I would be evening out my calories for that day. Since most candy says “fat free” on the package, what could be wrong with that, right? (Hello, sugar turns into fat!)

After I spent the majority of my life eating desserts for dinner and tons of candy, I knew I had to change my horrible habits. Six months from turning 45, I started to really panic! I read several books about weight loss, nutrition, motivation, weight training, and the effects of sugar. The book that was finally my light bulb was The Eat Clean Diet from Tosca Reno. Not only did I get educated about sugar and proper nutrition, but I felt empowered and encouraged to finally start treating the inside of my body like it deserved to be treated – no preservatives and junk anymore! I also started panicking about getting older and never taking advantage of making my body look the best it could look on the outside. I made a commitment to myself to kick it into high gear and change for good! I started cardio and weight training 6 days a week and introduced my body to eating clean and proper nutrition. 

At 46 years old, I am in the BEST shape of my life so far. The only weight I’m gaining right now is from muscle. I don’t miss the candy, I don’t miss starving myself, I always feel better after my workouts, I actually eat more now (the right food), drink tons of water, enjoy healthy cooking, and feel thankful that I have been educated on how to properly fuel my body. The migraine headaches that I used to suffer from are almost non-existent now. I gave up all candy, desserts, soda, sugar, fried anything and the garbage that I was used to eating and I’ve gained SO much more because of it. I feel great and can’t believe how my new body looks which is better than any candy or dessert that I could EVER eat!  This self-proclaimed queen of candy’s reign is over! 

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