Can Type "A" MOBS And Their Type "A" Daughters Create The PERFECT WEDDING?

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This doesn’t mean you should confine your research to the Internet. It is only one source. Type “A” personalities have an inborn urge to double and triple check their findings to ensure the best deal and the best service. I did go to a Wedding Show in Chantilly, Virginia and noticed that they have shows scheduled for locations all over the country. It was here that I found our videographer, but I used the Internet to check out his reviews and do cost comparisons.

Finally, word of mouth is a good source of information. I mentioned I was looking for a photographer while getting my hair styled and got a fantastic recommendation. I used my “Internet Rules of Research” to check out the photographer’s web site and her company had all the features that Katie and I hoped to find.

The day of the Katie’s wedding arrived and I had hired a wedding coordinator for just that day to take care of everything from A to Z. She took care of all the decorating details and got my vendors in the right spots. The companies we selected had to have the following traits: enthusiasm, professionalism and the ability to reassure me that we were communicating. I was a little worried when we got to Rose Hill Manor in Leesburg, Virginia because my natural instinct to take charge ramped up my already surging adrenalin. My coordinator knew about my Type “A” need to check up on things and kept leading me back to the bride’s room, reassuring me and magically, I did not have to lift a finger. 

My coordinator, caterer, the venue manager, the florist, the DJ, the pastor, the linen service and everyone else who was involved made things run just the way Katie and I had planned. Not one hitch marred the day and we all know that Type “A” people are difficult to please. Our detailed plans were stored perfectly in both the left and right sides of our brains and we scanned everything comparing what we saw to what we visualized and specified. 

As the ceremony progressed, I saw my daughter’s vision and mine meld into the perfect wedding. Not only that, but just as Katie and Billy said their vows, a Bald Eagle slowly sailed across the sky spreading his wings for all the guests and family members to see. Right then the dark, gray storm clouds parted and the sun cast varying soft-colored rays of light putting a spotlight on the magnificent bird as if to say this marriage is blessed.         

Sharing this story means a lot to me because I had so many doubts about surviving the planning and the day.  Hopefully, other mothers and daughters can successfully realize the dreams they lovingly build together and create lasting memories for both families at the start of a marriage.  

So I want Type “A” MOBS and daughters to remember and repeat after me: Search the Internet and other sources setting strict time limits and parameters for yourselves, kindly let all third parties know you appreciate their advice and will take it under advisement, relax, find a song to put in your head when someone or something stresses you, be the “bigger man”, get vendors who will support you and best of all hire a day-of-wedding coordinator. I wish that you will have your Bald Eagle moment because with this kind of planning, you will have a blessed day that you and your newly-joined families will celebrate the rest of your lives.

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