Coming Out of (My) Closet

Clearing my head by cleaning my closet.

Sheryl Kraft

It looms before me, overwhelming me with its abundance, too large to tackle. Hiding behind its doors is my shameful secret: My closet is an overstuffed, overwrought and overburdened mess. I can barely look at it. My closet needs a makeover. It’s in desperate need of help – more help than I can give it.
So, I call my friend Susan Sommers, image consultant, author and stylist extraordinaire. Closet therapist. Making people look good is Susan’s mission in life. “You need a small core of clothes that you can do a lot with,” she’s fond of saying.
If only it were that simple. That’s been my mission – but I’m running out of room in my closet – and somehow all I seem to accomplish is to buy even more.

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