Dare To Be Happy

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I recently had an interesting conversation with a good friend about the hectic pace of our busy world and the stress it produces. She complained about all the demands on her time, and said she felt like her life was not her own. I explained that although I am always working long hours under tight deadlines, I immensely enjoy what I do, which makes the stress much easier to bear.

We talked for more than an hour, and it once again became very evident to me that all of us want and need different things in life. However, no matter who we are or what we do, we all need to find that thing that makes us not only content, but happy.

“Life by design” is an intriguing concept. We can sit there day after day and complain about what we want and how we don’t have it. Or, we can do something about moving forward to turn our dreams into reality.

Of course, when you take on a new hobby, business or task, it has the potential to create more stress because now you have less time to do the things already in your life. However, the essence of being truly happy is much more important than being stressed or overworked. The sense of accomplishment not only sends adrenaline through your whole body, it inspires you to do other things that will bring you closer to the life that you always wanted.

I recently attended a writer’s workshop and found myself surrounded by total strangers. To my surprise, I felt very relaxed and comfortable among a group of people I had never met before. I welcomed their opinions, I was open to their suggestions, and I connected with a lot of what they had to say. I was amazed at how great it felt to step out of my own circle into a completely different environment and be welcomed and at ease.

Two years ago, if someone had suggested that I would be interested in writing or taking a workshop on the subject, I would have laughed. Yet, as I walked out of the first class, I experienced a real feeling of inner joy. Today, I’m looking forward to the workshop as a means of expanding my horizons and connecting with people outside of my immediate circle.

My daughter recently mentioned that I’ve changed. My husband commented that he loves seeing me so happy. All I can say is that while I’m stressing over deadlines and the long hours that lay ahead of me each week, I feel elated. Happiness Is A Serious Problem.   I have everything I ever wanted, and I know there is nothing that can stop me from setting my goals and achieving them.

After all these years, I finally figured out the formula for success (and happiness)—do what you love, work hard and stay focused. The rest will take care of itself.

Who would have thought that wisdom really does come with age!

To your success.

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