The Endangered Uterus

If your doctor has recommended a hysterectomy, don’t make a decision until you read this startling report on the real risks of surgery and the less-invasive alternatives your ob-gyn may not be mentioning.

We can’t change this situation one ob-gyn at a time. For big-picture action, ask your representatives in Congress to support the Uterine Fibroid Research and Education Act, cosponsored by Maryland Senator Barbara A. Mikulski and the late Ohio Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones.

The act "allocates funding for patient education to help women make informed decisions about what treatment is right for their bodies and their lives," Mikulski tells MORE magazine. "It’s time to break the silence and change the way uterine fibroids are treated and understood. Women deserve it." Go to and, and plug in your state’s name or ZIP code to find links to contact your senators and representatives.

Originally published in MORE magazine, December 2008/January 2009.

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