Five Cornerstones of a Healthy Vegetarian Diet

It’s easy to thrive without meat, especially if you keep in mind these vital tips

by Suzanne Gerber • Next Avenue
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Vegetarianism Is Trending
It could be T. Colin Campbell’s groundbreaking The China Study and a growing aware of the health benefits of a plant-based diet for individuals and the environment, Michael Pollan’s terrific books or just the prevailing zeitgeist, but things have definitely been changing. I used to know a handful of vegetarians. Now, it seems, every time I dine in a group, there’s at least one other “veghead,” if not several. Or someone tells me they don’t eat red meat or seafood or fowl.
It’s hard to get reliable statistics, but judging from what I see and read, it almost feels like vegetarianism is trending. Obviously, I think this is a great thing, but I’m concerned about the mis-, dis- and lack of information out there. Tomes have been written on the subject, so there’s no way to cover all the important points in one article. But there are five things that anyone even considering going veg should be aware of.
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Allegiance 01.14.2013

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Very informative Article!
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Glen Fletcher12.29.2012

Vegetarian diet is thought to be good for health and many people prefer it. But I think it wholly depends on your choice and the way your body responds to the nutrients. The author has mentioned very nice points that every people must think of before taking vegetarian diet. Eat healthy and be satisfied with what you eat.

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