Five Cosmetic Procedures for the Risk-Averse

Afraid you'll look worse instead of better after an anti-aging procedure? Here are the safest treatments for wrinkles, age spots, sags and more.

By Jennifer Scruby
Photograph: iStock
  1. Hyaluronic acid fillers: Fear not the overstuffed look: One of the beauties of hyaluronic acid fillers (like Restalyne, Juvéderm, Hylaform and Perlane) is that they’re reversible – you can inject an antidote to dissolve them, and go straight back to the way you looked pre-treatment.
  2. Botox in the “elevenses” between your eyes.“That’s a home run – it’s easy, makes you look dramatically younger in a very understated way, and lasts three months,” says Brandt.  
  3. Ulthera: The high-tech ultrasound treatment is designed to tone, lift and firm skin while promoting new collagen. “It’s difficult to create a harmful effect with it,” Hirmand says.
  4. Fast-recovery laser treatments (like Fraxel or LED). They’re great for prettifying skin texture and erasing sun-induced brown spots; some lasers, like V-Beam, vaporize broken capillaries and redness. “Brown spots and discoloration can make you look old, even older than wrinkles can,” notes Rodan. “These treatments can really work wonders, and in the right hands, they’re very safe.”
  5. A light chemical peel to help even out pigmentation and brighten skin tone. Go with what your doctor recommends and start slowly: Everyone’s complexion is different, and some people can tolerate more irritation than others. 

First Published March 16, 2011

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cindy Collins12.08.2011

Hi Jennifer great trataments for anti aging but I am afraid of botox and I found a better solution that is clinically proven

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