Get More Energy!

Tired? Burned out? Can’t make it through the day? Here are seven brand-new ways to get back your drive.

By Daryn Eller
Photograph: iStock

ENERGY ERROR You dose yourself with ginseng
While ginseng is touted as a fatigue-buster, acupuncture is more likely to help. Watchdog group found that many ginseng dietary supplements lack the ingre-dients they claim to con-tain. But in studies of can-cer patients’ fatigue, acupuncture has been shown to boost energy levels. “I’ve found it helps reg-ular patients as well,” says Andrew Heyman, MD, of the Univer-sity of Michigan Health System, in Ann Arbor. Patients typically begin with weekly treatments, then taper to once every one to four months for tune-ups. You may also want to look for a practitioner who can teach you acupressure, which involves stimulating acupuncture points with your fingers. One study found that students who did self-acupressure were less sleepy in class. To find a practitioner, go to

ENERGY ERROR You skip exercise to save energy
Expending effort actually increases how energetic you feel, and you don’t have to exercise especially hard to get the payoff. In a University of Georgia study published last year, researchers had 36 persistently tired people cycle on a stationary bike for a half hour, three times a week, for six weeks. The exercisers who worked out at a moderate pace or even at low intensity increased their energy by 20 percent, and afterward their feelings of fatigue decreased significantly. 

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