Getting Things off My Chest

Why I was standing in the ladies’ room feeling another woman’s breasts.

by Melanie Young • Member { View Profile }

In the end, I decided not to change my implants and just get new nipples. I decided to give the new breasts some more time and see if I would adjust to them. I touched base with my new breast cancer pal and she was still undecided. They say the "grass is always greener." In our case the breast was always prettier. I know we should both just be happy having survived breast cancer and enjoying our new reconstructed breasts. But, you really want to feel and look "normal" again, and nothing will ever bring back your old breasts. I did not want to settle.

I told my breast reconstruction that every breast cancer patient facing the choices about reconstruction should be able to look and feel another patient’s breast to get the "real story." I found it helpful. He responded telling me that would be difficult since he has to respect a patient’s privacy. I suggested to a local cancer support group. SHARE, that they should  have a list of breast cancer survivors willing to open up (both their mouths and their shirts) to share their experience and feedback with other survivors making reconstruction choices. I encourage anyone facing reconstruction to feel the actual reconstructed breasts and talk to women who underwent the procedure and made the choices.

Why I am sharing this story with MORE readers is this:  When you are faced with major decisions that affect your health or your life, forget your inhibitions and be honest with yourself. Do not settle for anything without going all the way to really know and understand what the outcome will be and if you will truly be happy with it.

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