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Okay, just what is the Mediterranean Diet? It consists of an eating pattern dominated by plant -based foods, and low in processed foods; it includes the monounsaturated fat Olive Oil rather than butter and other vegetable oils; it includes fresh fish eaten regularly rather than red meat, which is eaten less frequently; it includes legumes, pasta, whole grains (all the carbohydrates we love but avoid), with a high intake of fruits and vegetables and a small amount of daily yogurt and cheeses. Oh lest I forget, it does include a moderate amount of wine with meals.
Starting next week with Olive Oil, we’ll take a closer look at the merits of some of these foods. I will also post on my website a few weekly recipes using the foods that we discuss (with our weight management efforts in mind) so that we can begin to "Mangia" as we say in Italian! And as I’ve mentioned, oh what a way to get healthy!
Check out the Mediterranean Food Alliance founded by Oldways for more info including hundreds of recipes,  http://mediterraneanmark.org/
June M. Lay M.S.
Next Week, Olive Oil, my oil of choice!
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