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May is Mediterranean Month so let’s go Mediterranean with the Mediterranean Diet, that is! We may not all live surrounded by the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean, but I suggest that we eat as if we do. We can do this by eating the foods that the people from the Mediterranean do more often and by making it an eating lifestyle! While we don’t have to eat all the foods all the time, we can eat some of the foods much of the time. Why am I suggesting this? Because research has shown and continues to show, that the eating patterns of the people in the Mediterranean offer major health benefits.  And let me add, what a way to get healthy!!
Why am I so excited about the Mediterranean way of eating? Well, I can still remember my experience in Sicily (the homeland of my grandparents), which is at the heart of the Mediterranean. Long after I returned, I still think about the allure of the food; the aromas, textures, and taste. Eating each meal was an event, not just a meal! And since then I myself made some changes to my eating, not just for my health (of course, our health should be most important), but for the joy and taste of the food. In fact, one of the changes that I made was to use Olive Oil only, and next week we’ll discuss this magical oil, which helped me to improve my very own cholesterol levels! This week, let’s discuss some of the merits of the Mediterranean Diet. I am convinced that we can become healthier, maintain our weight and enjoy ourselves at the same time!
Why is this way of eating considered so healthy? Well, first it’s been established scientifically that dietary patterns strongly influence the development of the major risk factors for chronic disease. These diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer affect how well we live, not just how long. That is, they affect the quality of our life; they affect how we feel physically and emotionally as well as how long we live. When we change our eating patterns and foundation of eating, we do affect how well we live our lives. Let’s consider the research.

The Merits
Research consistently indicates that the Mediterranean Diet can,

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