Going Through Puberty During Menopause

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9.Remind yourself and your children that you are a parent first and a friend second.

10.Demand respect and have consequences.

I freely admit that I come from “old school” parenting. My mom didn’t hesitate to ground me, spank me, or even now in my 40’s call me out if I get out of line. Emulating my parents, I’ve done the same with my kids.  

When my son was 16, he came home from school one day with a rotten attitude. I was not having a great day either, and consequently had a short fuse. To be honest, my fuse was always shorter than my kids’, but that kept them in line and on their toes.  

My son said something to me that was rude and inappropriate (in my opinion). I turned around and slapped him. He looked at me with fire in his eyes but didn’t say anything.  Seeing his look, I asked, “What?”

With an angry voice he replied, “I wish I could talk back!”  

“Why don’t you,” I inquired.

He responded with, “What, am I an idiot?”

That’s when I knew my husband and I were doing something right.

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