Going Through Puberty During Menopause

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I’m always thrilled to get emails and messages from our members asking me to address certain topics. I like it even more when those emails address the same issues that I struggle with.  

Recently one of our members asked me, “How do I handle my menopause and my kids’ puberty at the same time?” I couldn’t help but laugh, but I immediately sat down to write this article.

Lucky for me, my children all went through puberty before I turned 40. But that’s not to say that our hormonal roller coaster didn’t go off its tracks on more than several occasions. Plus, puberty is only the beginning; the teenage years are much more intense.

There are plenty of books written on the subject, and they are all full of “expert” advice on how to parent our children. However, before taking advice from anyone, I always ask if they have children of their own. Giving advice and living through the issues are two very different things.

I do not claim to be an expert in parenting, nor do I hold a degree in psychology. But I did raise four kids who turned out fairly normal and seem to be well-grounded. I believe that we as parents can do our very best but it also helps to be lucky.  

So here are some pointers that worked for me during my kids’ puberty and teenager years:

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