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Diet Redux

The diet book that kicked off the low-carb craze is back with an updated and simplified program. The New Atkins For a New You  ($16; Fireside) by Eric C. Westman, MD, MHS, Stephen D. Phinney, MD, PhD and Jeff S. Volek, PhD, RD, now includes a daily requirement for at least five servings of high-fiber vegetables, simple ways to  reduce or eliminate symptoms that may crop up when you start eating low carb and tips for sticking to the plan while you're on the road.


For Chic Cooks

In Pretty Delicious ($30; Rodale), chef Candice Kumai, the former cohost of the hit "Lifetime series Cook Yourself Thin," serves up healthful, flavorful fare for the stiletto-wearing set while dishing up money-saving tips and fabulous party menus.


Love Doctors

Attached ($25; Tarcher/Penguin) applies the British-born attachment theory, which claims that our early relationships with parents and caregivers has a huge influence on the people we become, to adult romantic relationships. According to their interpretation, people behave in relationships in one of three distinct ways: anxious, avoidant or secure; determining your and your mate's attachment style can help you optimize your partnership.

Penguin Group

Shrink Your Waist

Any eating plan that recommends daily chocolate is our kind of diet. Written by Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD, the co-author of The Flat Belly Diet and a contributing editor to Shape magazine, Cinch ($26; HarperOne) doesn't require you to count calories or weigh your food, placing the emphasize instead on healthful portions of clean, nutrient-dense foods that maximize fat burning. Thirty days worth of simple, flavorful meals make sticking to the plan a, well, cinch!


Instant Energy

Find out quick ways to jump start your stamina from the fitness pro who seems to have endless supplies of it. In her new book, Get Energy! ($17; Center Street) Denise Austin outlines how to determine what's depleting your energy stores and then shares quick ways to revive, such as five-minute stretches you can do at your desk and a 20-minute energy-boosting workout.

Center Street

Natural Health Boosters

Heal yourself at home with this encyclopedic guide to drug-free remedies, vitamins, supplements, herbs and more. First published in 1983, Prescription for Nutritional Healing ($30; Avery) has been updated in this fifth edition to reflect the latest research and health natural health advice, including how to determine the best ways to treat 250 problems—from abscesses to wrinkles—and where to get the facts on complementary therapies, such as biofeedback.


Live Pure

A fun, room-by-room guide to greening your home, co-written by Jeffrey Hollender, who helped found Seventh Generation, one of the most trusted brands in environmentally-friendly products. Packed with quick tips in a user-friendly format, Planet Home ($20; Clarkson Potter/Publishers) will teach you the everything from the most eco-responsible way to recycle a sticky note to the safest way to pest-proof your pet.

Clarkson Potter/Publishers

A Bosom Buddy

The fifth edition of this life-saving tome has been carefully updated and completely reorganized to reflect the latest finding in preventing, screening for and treating breast cancer. Written by one of the nation's most trusted experts, Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book ($22; Lifelong Books/Da Capo) can help lessen the fear and confusion of a breast cancer diagnosis.

Lifelong Books/ Da Capo

Live Long and Prosper

Drawing on one of the most famous psychology studies, The Longevity Project ($26; Hudson Street Press), reveals surprising reasons why some people live longer than others and what you can do to extend your lifespan.

Hudson Street Press

Guilt-Free Fare

Lose weight without cutting out your favorite cuisine. In his new cookbook, The Italian Diet ($20; Kyle Books), chef Gino D'Acampo shares 100 healthful ways to savor the flavors of Italy without sacrificing your waistline. Each recipe is dietitian approved and comes with its nutritional breakdown.


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Kyle Books

First Published January 13, 2011

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