How Hypnosis Helped Me Sleep

A few hypnosis sessions helped one writer finally remedy her insomnia

by Linda Yellin
how hypnosis helped me sleep
Photograph: Illustration By Aad Goudappel

That night I easily dozed off after my EFT sessions and woke up at 2 am when nature called. I did some EFT tapping, accepted myself and fell back asleep, waking only when my alarm went off.

I followed that pattern for the next few days, but on the fourth night . . . relapse! I returned to Tiers for a second session. We tweaked my countdown. Now after each number I visualized a wave of relaxation rhythmically rolling through me from head to toe. She taught me to slow down my thoughts by, well, thinking them slowly. Just for good measure, a week later I went back for a third practice round, and since then I’ve been the poster child for snoozing. I hum in the mornings. I’m kind to old people and little children. I smile at bus drivers. Sleeping has changed my life.

I Am Woman. Hear Me Snore.

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First published in the November 2012 issue

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