I Lost Weight and Stopped Needing Blood Pressure Medication

She got fit after 40, and turned her health around.

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I was quite active in sports back in my school days. Volleyball, soccer and softball took up my after school hours. Then college came along…and I didn’t experience the Freshman 15…it was more like the Freshman 25. Healty eating was of no concern to me since I wasn’t living at home and didn’t have any parents guiding my eating habits. It was easy to let my body slip because I was sure that it would not take much to get back to where I once was. But like with many things in life it never happened.

Over my adult life I have tried many different diets and have joined, quit and rejoined many gyms. Now I find myself in my adult life at a weight that I am too embarassed to even say out loud. It’s easy to deny that I could possibly weigh that much because I look the same in the mirror.

It was before I went in for a hysterectomy and was told that I had very high blood pressure. No, not me! My dad and brother have it but not me! I am always calm and even tempered. Well, they took my pressure 6 times and I did have high blood pressure. With the help of prescription drugs I was able to bring it down enough to have the surgery.

It was just over a year after I had had the surgery and my prescription was about to end. I scheduled the doctor’s appointment to have the prescription renewed. Due to a comedy of HMO errors, I found that I no longer had the same doctor and would have to see a new doctor. This, of course, upset me since I couldn’t get my pills renewed … and no doubt my blood pressure was sky high!

I had lunch with a friend just after getting this wonderful news…and while on the way to the restaurant I came to the realization that maybe I should not be relying on the medication anymore. It was at that moment that I made a promise to myself to start eating better and to start exercising.

It has been a few months since that moment and I am exercising and eating better. I have lost around 15 pounds and feel like I have more energy. I have dropped a pant size and am no longer on my blood pressure medication. It’s not as easy as it was when I was younger but the end results are pushing me to move forward.

It’s not too late to get fit after 40!

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