I Thought I Was Avoiding Menopause

Ha! Tell that to my husband

by Amy Hoxie • More.com Member { View Profile }

Menopause?  Bah!  Ridiculous.  It is not affecting me.  What are you guys talking about?  Until….

My husband broke his hand and is off work for several weeks.  I come home from work tired and stressed.  He decides that a stroll through the woods to search for morel mushrooms on this sunny evening will be a good time and I agree.  That is until we begin down the the trail.  He takes a trail I’ve never seen.  This would seem like a good idea to most but for some reason it begins to irritate me and I don’t know why.  The woods are beautiful, the birds are chirping and spring flowers are in bloom but I cannot shake the overwhelming crabbiness slowly but surely taking over. 

My husband chatters about the Trillium in bloom and makes a suggestion on a spot that looks perfect for mushrooms and glances at me for my opinion.  "Fine!" is my reply and he is mildly surprised and decides I am still a bit stressed from work.  After 1/2 hour I am unbearably grouchy and cannot find a way to get it under control.  Now he is irritated with me, cannot figure out why I am biting HIS head off and gets grouchy as well.

Now I am mad because he is grouchy.  So, I decide I need to get out of the vehicle.  My husband tries to reason with me but I’ve made up my mind.  He stops, lets me out, and tries to convince me to get back in the Jeep to no avail so he drives slowly off.  A half hour later he drives back around to convince me to get in so we can go home.  Stubbornly I refuse and he finally drives off again. 

13 miles and 5 plus hours later I decide that you should be careful what you ask for as you might get it.  My husband had gone home for a bit, drove back out and did not know which route I took so he went back home to wait for me to call.  Problem?  No cell phone service where I was walking.  He fell asleep waiting for my call. 

I love the woods and especially love mushroom hunting.  There was no reason whatsoever for my "mood".  It just popped it’s ugly head out from nowhere for no apparent reason.  After some reflection on the event and some research….ummm…I have NOT dodged the menopause bullet after all! 

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