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Talk about a transformation: 10 years ago, Tosca Reno was a middle-aged, overweight divorcée with three small children. Today she’s a best-selling author, model, and fitness competitor. What inspired this change? A photograph of her and her daughters. "I saw an overweight mom bookended by three lean, tanned and healthy-looking girls," says Reno. "I asked myself, ‘What would happen to them if something were to happen to me?’ That photo scared me into action. I wanted to be alive long enough to see my beautiful daughters grow up and live their long lives." Are you ready to make a change? In her new book, _Your Best Body Now_, Reno outlines how she made her transformation. Here, 13 tips on how to start your own reinvention.
Tosca Reno

Pinpoint the Problem

Allow yourself to feel angry with the situation you are in now. Identify it as one that makes you unhappy and that your lifestyle and other things you do have contributed to the problem. Feel the sadness that goes with that. Look at photographs and study what has happened to you. Don’t worry that you don’t like what you see. Use this energy to go forward and begin to make changes to lift yourself out of the unhealthy routine you are in. Save that photograph and put it somewhere to remind you where you don’t want to be. Wishing and hoping that things will change will never bear fruit. Mixing action and raw emotion into the wishes and hopes are what is needed to yield results.
Sheryl Griffin

Get Spousal Support

Share your new commitment with your husband or partner first, and ask for his involvement. Be specific, be patient, be brave. Depending on their ages, you may also want to talk to your children about changes they’re likely to see in you and how this will impact their own lives.
Aldo Murillo

Recruit Help

Reach out to your closest friend to discuss your new journey-maybe she would like to go on the ride, too. Ask to reshape your time together in ways that strengthen the friendship and your health. Get her support in sharing news with your circle of friends.

Make Like-Minded Friends

Find a community of like-minded people who have similar goals so you can motivate and challenge each other in positive ways. Can’t find one? Start your own with women you know.
Sean Locke

Start Clean

Clear out your kitchen, medicine cabinet and cosmetic bags of unhealthy or expired products so you’re not tempted to revert to old, bad habits and can start fresh. This cleaning out process allows you to identify the foods which have been causing your weight and/or health issues in the first place. It enables you to go through the physical purging of yourself and your environment. You are sending a message to yourself that the madness with regards to food has to stop and it stops now. From here on in only natural, wholesome foods will be allowed in your home and ultimately in you.
Maria Zubareva

Eat Whole Foods

Plan your first-week menu, then stock your kitchen with healthy, unprocessed options so you avoid temptation. No junk food.
Susan H. Smith

Move More

Join a gym or create workout space in your home. This ensures you’ll work out from the get-go. (Excuse-proof your workout now: squats and lunges don’t’ require weights or much space to start).
Constanze Sommer

Make a Plan

Schedule time today on your calendar for work and play during the next week. (If you’re motivated, schedule your month!)
Damir Cudic

Embrace Change

Look at this transformation as a lifestyle, not a series of events, and you’ll soon create positive habits. One bad decision won’t throw you off track-you’re seeking lifelong change.
Stefano Lunardi

Have Dessert

Consider "cheat" days as "treat" days. This allows you to enjoy your indulgence without feeling guilty, and then get back on track immediately. I don’t advocate that people live like monks, but keep treat days to one every week or two for the best results, especially when you’re just starting
Marek Tihelka

Get Inspired

Look for outside sources of motivation-books written by a hero of yours, speaking engagements by people you admire, art galleries, documentaries. Find what inspires you and immerse yourself in it. Read a though-provoking quote or two before bed and one when you wake in the morning.
Diane Diederich

Set a Big Goal

I use contests to keep my mind focused on a daily basis. Other options? A charity walk or run, a marathon or triathlon, an event in your life like your anniversary. Whatever puts a date on your calendar (six months from now) and an end game (30 pounds dropped), write it down, visualize it, say it aloud every day. You can do this.

Enjoy Each Day

Be in the moment and don’t look back!


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