Kick the Habit: Resources for a Smoke-Free You

Places that will help you quit smoking cigarettes—and become a healthier person.

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Tired of disguising your nicotine habit with an arsenal of breath mints, gum and perfume? Then you’re ready to quit smoking cigarettes––for good. Here are some great resources to help you become the ex-smoker you always wanted to be:

National Cancer Institute

The NCI, along with the Centers for Disease Control, sponsors a quit-smoking guide specifically for women. Bonus: You can interact with experts via instant messaging. Go to

American Lung Association

The ALA has a free online smoking cessation program called "Freedom From Smoking." Go to and type "freedom from smoking" in the search engine. To join, create a login and password for access. For additional information and assistance available in your area, phone 1-800-LUNGUSA.

American Cancer Society 

The ACS provides a free search database called Quitlines where you can enter your zipcode or city and state to find listings of smoking cessation groups in your area. Go to The site also provides community discussion forums for online support.

Nicotine Anonymous World Services

This organization offers a 12-step based smoking cessation program that provides services throughout the world. You can search for a program in your area by state or country. They also provide internet and telephone group meetings. Go to or call 877-879-6422.

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