Lower Your Blood Pressure--Without Drugs

Find out how to get a healthy blood pressure—without resorting to medicine

By Nancy Stedman

Our Blue Ribbon Anti-Aging Team

Roberta Lee, MD, vice chair, Department of Integrative Medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center, Continuum Center for Health & Healing, in New York City, coordinated the 40-day program for our three participants. An integrative medicine expert, Lee believes not just in treating a patient’s symptoms but also in improving her overall wellness. The participants’ first meetings with Lee lasted over an hour. The women were also advised by Jeff Young, an exercise physiologist and consultant to the center, and staff nutritionist Mary Beth Augustine, RD. To gauge the women’s progress, More partnered with the Principal Wellness Company, a Des Moines–based corporate wellness organization, which tested our guinea pigs before and after the program.
For estimating each woman’s improved longevity, we enlisted Michael Roizen, MD, chief wellness officer and chairman of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute and coauthor, with Mehmet Oz, MD, of the best-selling You: Staying Young. Forty days, of course, is just the beginning for a wellness program. “Even more benefits will come as these women continue with their new lifestyles,” Roizen says.

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