Lying Food Labels

Don’t believe everything you read on the back of a package.

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Compare Labels for Health. I like to compare grams of fat, saturated fat, and fiber. Let’s try to pick items with lower total fat, the least saturated fat, and the most fiber per serving. Believe it or not, we can even find some snacks that have fiber. We also need to learn how to read the ingredients in labels which will tell us more about our carbohydrate and sugar content. Remember, not all sugars are the enemy. Many sugars are the natural sugars found in the food itself such as yogurt without added sugar. Some sports bar manufacturers have even lied about their carbohydrate content these days by putting in less commonly known sugars by name or they have misled us to believe we have less net carbs than we actually do!
Reading Labels is a good thing. Knowing that some food manufacturers are capable of lying to us can force us to be a bit more careful about our purchase choices.
Read any food labels lately?

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