Making a Difference, One Breast at a Time

The writer turned illness into art.

by Judi Grove • Member { View Profile }

Breast Impressions also donates breast casting kits to women who have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and would like to make their own memory before surgery.  In the last three years, over 180 breast casting kits have been sent to women as far away as Australia, the United Kingdom as well as across the USA.  I love to hear their stories and see the pictures of the finished casts.  They so often feel that decorating the cast after surgery has been truly beneficial in their healing.

I continue to be so humbled by the growing interest in Breast Impressions. What started as something selfish on my part, to want a memory of the way I was, has lead others to give of their bodies, their talents and their finances to help women facing breast cancer. I have to admit, it’s the most rewarding experience of my life. 

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