My 62-year-old Bikini Body

by April Newland • Member { View Profile }

This is a recent picture of me in my bikini on the beach in Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. I teach extreme indoor cycling at our local wellness center in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands and my students love the fact that I am 62 and have as much energy or more than many of my much younger students. I love feeling young and having energy to travel all over the world tasting local food. I especially recommend the yak butter tea from Tibet. If you keep yourself fit, keep an open mind, and laugh a lot you will stay young. Most people can not believe my age. Swimming is a great stress reliever and is an excellent way to exercise. I go to the farmer’s market every Saturday morning at 5:30 to get fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating freshly grown food has given me additional strength for my work outs. I recommend constantly updating your music collection as energizing music keeps my spin students interested and motivated. We have spin parties in the fall, winter and spring and each student brings a healthy dish. Exercise can be a great way to network and socialize and it can help in your business also. Living in the Caribbean my whole life I have visited many of the Caribbean islands. St. Lucia has some of largest population of residents over 100 and they attribute their longevity to fresh food every day, a healthy " sea bath" every early morning, and the fresh clean tropical air.

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