The Optimal Vitamin D Dose

Don’t let your supplement dollars go to waste. New research reveals how much vitamin D you need to beat disease.

By Health Editors
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Evaluate Your “D” Intake

To get the biggest benefit from your vitamin D supplement, you may need to increase your dose, suggests a new study published in Anticancer Research. Adults need 4,000 to 8,000 IU of vitamin D daily to reduce their risk of several diseases—breast cancer, colon cancer, multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes—by about half, say researchers to who studied several thousand supplement users. That’s much higher than the 600 IU recommended daily by the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine but is still well within the range the committee considers safe. Increase your blood levels of vitamin D by upping your supplement dosage, spending 20 minutes in the late morning or early afternoon sun and eating more D-rich foods, such as seafood and fortified dairy.

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First Published February 28, 2011

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dana vigilante06.02.2011

I am a huge advocate for proper vitamin D doseage. Last year, at age 42, my physician tested my level during a routine exam. He called me the next day to tell me that it was "horrifically" low. I know this is in part to my constant wearing of sunscreen (I drive a convertible and I'm vigilant about proper sun protection). He wrote me a prescription for a once a week dose of 100,000 IU's of vitamin D. Not only do I feel better, but people say I actually look better too! I'm glad he did the test.

On the Vitamin D article, I'm 49 and found out that my levels were extremely low which was why I was so tired and achey all the time. The doctor put me on a prescription dose to 50,000 mg per week for 8 weeks and now I take 4,000 mg a day and my levels are where they should be. I would not recommend anyone just taking vitamin D randomly without getting tested. I got tested twice via a blood test, once which diagnosed that it was low, and after the course of treatment to ensure that the levels were where they should be. Best advice if you are feeling extremely tired all the time, ask you doctor about Vitamin D.

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