13 Products That Shut Off Pain

From backaches to menstrual cramps, here are 12 buys that will help you feel better fast.

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Yoga Tune Up Quick Fix Rx: KneeHab

Whether you’re coming back from an injury or trying to prevent one, this new DVD in the Yoga Tune Up collection will take you through the self-massage, strength training and alignment exercises you need to keep one of your most vulnerable joints pain free. Available with and without Yoga Tune Up's trademark therapy balls (from $19.95; yogatuneup.com).

Novaform Gel Mattress Topper

Make morning backaches a thing of the past with this 2.5-inch-thick mattress topper. The squishy memory foam is infused with tiny gel beads that provide just the right amount of give and support beneath pressure points (from $99.99; sleepinnovations.com).

Sleep Innovations

Kuru Chicane Shoes

Make your feet happy by romping around town in these bright orange kicks. Each pair of Kuru shoes is made with an anatomical midsole that provides the seamless support of a custom orthotic by following the natural contours of your foot from heel to toe ($89.97; kurufootwear.com).



Suppress menstrual pain with this popular natural therapy from the United Kingdom. Simply attach the mn8 hormone-balancing magnets to the front of your underwear. When worn for 24 hours a couple of days before and during menstruation, mn8 can help reduce cramping, bloating and mood swings, according to independent tests. Are periods a thing of the past? There’s a magnet that targets the anxiety, fatigue, hot flashes and weight gain associated with menopause, too ($49.95; ladycareusa.com).

2XU Elite Compression Tights

Wear these tights for workouts or recovery—cyclists who sported them during and between two 30-minute races performed better in both bouts and experienced less swelling and muscle soreness afterward, according to the Australian Institute of Sport. The circular-knit tights are woven with a high-quality elastic yarn that allows the fabric to stretch and compress like a second skin. If they didn’t feel so good, you’d forget they were on ($140; 2xu.com).


Metro Spare Soles

Don’t leave the party early: When your tootsies start feeling tender, trade your stilettos for these thin, foldable flats. They’re lightweight, skid-proof and fit discretely into a small wristlet ($29.95; sparesoles.com).

Real-EASE Relaxation Tool

Release the tension from your most stress-prone zones with this orthopedist-designed headrest. It cradles your neck at the base of the skull, allowing the overworked muscles in your shoulders, neck and back to loosen ($40; gaiam.com).

Cool Off Towelettes

The next time your hot flashes or night sweats ignite, press one of these pre-moistened wipes wherever you feel warm. The mix of herbs, essential oils and plant botanicals cool uncomfortable flare-ups instantly ($4.99 for a box of 12; thequickchill.com).

Rumble Roller

Just the sight of this foam roller makes our IT bands beg for mercy. But if you’re a fan of aggressive massages, this one’s for you: The nubs act like a masseuse’s thumbs, releasing the “adhesions” that lead to muscle pain and tightness. You control the intensity by shifting your body weight. Available in original density and extra firm, as well as travel sizes (from $44.95; rumbleroller.com).   

Rumble Roller

TheraPearl Sports Pack

Save your frozen veggies for your dinner plate. This reusable therapy pack comforms to the body just like a bag of peas but can also be heated up and used as a soothing compress to relax and loosen achy muscles. Best of all, it stays hot or cold for 20 minutes—just what the doctor ordered ($12; therapearl.com).


The Desk Athlete

Long workdays wreaking havoc on your body? Prevent repetitive strain injuries with this 15-minute DVD. In it, New York City-based trainer Maik Wiedenbach takes you through a series of super-quick routines designed to loosen, stretch and strengthen strained areas, such as the neck, elbow, shoulders and lower back ($19.95; thedeskathlete.com).

BENGAY Pain Relief + Massage

BENGAY has taken its traditional, powerful, pain-numbing gel and made it easier to use with a no-mess twist cap and massaging applicator. Once applied, menthol in the gel sends a counter signal to nerve centers, relieving minor joint and muscle aches. Best of all: The scent disappears quickly, so you can get a reprieve, not strange stares, all day long ($7.79; bengay.com).

Canker Cover

To speed the healing of mouth sores, cover them with these tiny patches. Not only do they shield the sores from irritants like your teeth, tongue and food, but Canker Covers also release soothing ingredients, such as menthol, for quick relief. Each patch lasts eight to 12 hours, and most sores heal within a day, according to company research ($9.99; cankercover.com).


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First Published March 25, 2011

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Melissa Larsen04.06.2011

Wow, mn8 seems like an amazing product. I get such bad period cramps, it's terrible. Just headed over to their website and it seems they have free shipping until the end of the month. Thanks for the introduction More!

Melissa Larsen04.06.2011

Wow, mn8 seems like an amazing product. I get such bad period cramps, it's terrible. Just headed over to their website and it seems they have free shipping until the end of the month. Thanks for the introduction More!

Susan Levy04.01.2011

Been using mn8 for the past 6 months and it has been the best money I ever spent,I bought mine when visiting the UK as it wasn't available here, great to see it is at last!

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