Too Many Doctors!

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It has been observed by many that as we get older we seem to spend way too much of our spare time with those in the medical profession.

This week several fellow baby boomers have been packing up, gassing up (their cars, not their bodies, maybe)and leaving their homes to have surgery, take important tests and visit various doctors and/or specialists. What fun!

Lately, now that I’m a hair’s breath past the half century mark (I can’t believe I just wrote that)I find myself trying to fit the day job in around my various appointments.

True, I swear: I wrote the rough draft for this story while waiting to be called in for the latest of who knows how many physical therapy sessions.

Now I certainly cannot speak for anyone else but me, but I am sick of all the moments I endure waiting to see and be seen by someone working in any kind of medical building!

Take this past month:

8 physical therapy sessions
3 trips to the pharmacy
2 visits to the rheumatologist
1 lab
1 x-ray
1 dentist
And a partridge in a pear tree. Everyone-please sing a long!

If I didn’t know better-I’d swear I was past sick and moving on to dying.

At least I’m seeing pleasant people, who seem to have my well-being at heart. I hope. Especially my rheumatologist, after 10 years, I’ve begun greeting him with "Hi Randy, how’s the wife and family?"

He calls me Carine. Always has.

I’m going off on a slight tangent here, but why do we call our doctors by their title and they always use our first names and see us half-dressed? Okay, back to the subject I started with now.

My parents said they retired just in the nick of time-with all their "visits" they wouldn’t have had any time to earn a living anyway.

It’s been said if you eat right, exercise regularly, don’t smoke or abuse drugs and/or alcohol that you will live to be a ripe old age.  Since I do all of this I just hope that I won’t be living most of it in a medical facility.

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