Weeping My Way Through Menopause

What are you crying about—it’s just a toilet paper commercial!

by Mona Roberts • More.com Member { View Profile }
The author after a good cry.

I was never the sensitive type. I was always happy and outgoing and never really let things get to me. On a rare occasion I’d find myself crying over sad news or the break-up of my high school boyfriend. An occasional chick flick or a special love story would bring tears to my eyes.   It was nothing out of the ordinary. But what was up with all the instant drama when I turned 40.  Why did things change?

Yup, my 40’s… I found myself crying, literally bawling at the silliest things: a TV commercial about toilet paper with a cute puppy in it, a news story about a lady giving birth on a plane, a young bride picking out the perfect dress. There I was getting goose bumps first, then tearing up, then actually bawling, sometimes uncontrollably. If I was alone I could hide it. But when someone else was with me, it was so embarrassing.

I always carried tissues in my purse just in case I found myself in an awkward moment and had to carefully and skillfully dab tears away. I was always careful not to let my mascara or eyeliner run. That was the dead giveaway. I tried to play it off…  thinking that it reminded me of  a special moment in my past. When asked why I was crying I’d shrug it off and say “oh nothing really.” The truth of the matter was that it really wasn’t anything. I found myself becoming overly sensitive about nothings and somethings.

Take the internet for instance. I’d be checking my email and decide to read Yahoo news. There was a story about a dog born without legs that is now an inspiration to others.  The picture of that puppy without legs was all it took. Tears rolled down my face. How sad. I’d walk away from the computer and keep sniffling. I’d think about that story and picture for a while then be ok.

So what was really going on? It’s called menopause and the hormonal imbalance that accompanies it. It is uncontrollable and can wreak havoc on perfect moments. It can also make you overly sensitive when you’re talking to your spouse or significant other.  Men often joke about being asked by their wives if they look fat in a particular dress. The answer to that question good or bad can definitely bring instant drama and bawling to a menopausal woman.  We find ourselves being overly sensitive and interpreting comments as criticism. We literally drive the people around us crazy.

So what do we do ladies? Well, I learned to enjoy the private moment and just cry. Let it out. What the heck no one is around to see you. Whimper, bawl it’s ok. And when other people are around, you can try to hide it or just walk out of the room. Depending on the nature of your friends or family you will either be comforted or mocked at. Remember, it’s all ok. There is nothing wrong with you. It’s a time for women to be the sensitive beings we are. You’re entering a new phase of your life called pause,,, men , a pause,, get it,, get it!


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