Whittle Your Middle Tips: Week 5

A tip for every day!

by the MORE Health Editors, Nan Cohen and Cathy Garrard
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Photograph: Photo by William N. Hopkins

1. Downsize your dishes. Replace large dinner plates with smaller salad plates and you cut one-third of the calories in each meal, according to Milton Stokes, RD.

2. Know what’s on your plate. To lose what you have to know what you’re eating, and when you go out to eat, you never know what they’re putting on your plate.

3. Intensify your workouts. “If you already walk, add some hills and some speed. Crank up the resistance on the bike or the elliptical trainer. Don’t be afraid to sweat,” says Pamela Peeke, MD, author of Body for Life for Women.

4. Keep your core busy. Sit and stand tall. Holding in your middle takes strength!

5. Spend 20 minutes, twice a week doing strength training. Carry your groceries in from the car, stack wood by your fireplace – anything!

6. Add herbs instead of salt, butter, or cheese. Less calories!

7. Walk instead of emailing! Deliver a message to a co-worker by foot and get some exercise.

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