Why I Hate the Pill

Let me count the ways,

By Melinda Dodd
Photograph: iStock

The birth control pill is my bête noire. It’s expensive as hell for how long it’s been around ($85/month or more if you don’t have insurance), and not eligible for the $4 prescription coverage Wal-Mart and Target offer other drugs—a list, may I remind you, that includes anti-tuberculosis medication. It’s cheaper to get Viagra, only then you’d need to buy the pill, too. Many women would like to skip the last row of placebos, but their insurance won’t refill the scrip until the full pack has run out. Others have been switched to the generic versions of their birth control pills without notification, and are now reporting a host of new side effects. Women even lose their hair going on and off it. Eh. After 50 years, this is progress?

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