Wisdom Comes Slowly

by Yana Shkolnik • More.com Member { View Profile }

As soon as I made my decision, I was overwhelmed with a foreign feeling.  A little voice inside of me said to hold off on publishing the article.  No particular reason; just don’t do it.  Puzzled by my reaction, I decided to take a cool shower and then go out for a walk.  While walking, I mentally reviewed the article and reconsidered the constructive criticism offered by my friends.  In doing so, I experienced a major epiphany.    

I suddenly realized that understanding and recognizing my own faults would make me less critical of others.  It became evident that I could achieve a lot more through tolerance and understanding, and that negative energy is always counter-productive.  It’s better to live life with a positive attitude and zest, and it’s far more rewarding to give that opportunity to others and provide them with a positive environment to do the same.

I ended up tossing the article and began work on a different one instead.   I have since come to realize that the little voice inside me was none other than the voice of maturity, which only arrives after years of experience.  It still feels a bit like a stranger, but as time goes by I think we will become good friends.

My grandpa always said, “You have to go through years of being stupid until you become wise.”   I always believed him but I never thought it would take this long.  So now I am wondering, does it take everyone 40+ years or am I just slow?

Oh well.  I figure as long as I’m still learning and growing, I must be on the right track.  And as the saying goes: “It’s better late then never!”

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