20 Feel-Good Gifts for Health Lovers

Give guilt-free gifts that inspire this holiday season.

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Turn frozen bananas (or other frozen fruits, nuts and chocolate) into a low-cost, frozen yogurt-like dessert with Yonanas. Its high torque blades quickly emulsify foods into nutrient-packed treats that satisfy sweet tooths just like ice cream ($50; Yonanas.com). 


Adidas adiPURE Trainer Shoes

Adidas’s new minimalist gym shoes force small, stabilizing muscles—that often get lazy in spongy cross trainers—to work a little harder. The result? Improved balance, tactile sensitivity and resistance to injury. The adiPURE aren’t meant for running, but like any other barefoot-inspired shoe, they should also be eased into. Click here for information on how to safely start ($90; adidas.com).


Jaybird Freedom Headphones

Workout music should be motivational, not maddening. Help take the hassle out of wearing headphones by gifting JayBird’s Freedom Bluetooth Wireless earbuds. The hook-shaped ear tips keeps the silicon cushions securely in place (both attachments comes in three sizes for a more precise fit). Switch between your favorite songs or answer an important phone call without stopping your stride: The wireless earpieces also contain a mic and music controls. ($99; jaybirdgear.com).



P90X’s original “muscle confusion” concept was designed to prevent plateaus. Its sequel, P90X2, offers 12 new workouts that promise the same. Diligent at-home training builds balance, agility, core strength and athleticism—perfect for the New Year’s resolution maker who’s serious about getting in shape (prices starting at $119.85; beachbody.com).


T-Fal ActiFry

If you can’t afford a personal chef, give the next best thing: ActiFry from T-Fal, a versatile machine that cooks veggies, meat, poultry, seafood, grains and dessert. It roasts, stir fries, fries and even turns into a speedy slow-cooker. All you have to do is insert ingredients and touch a button. Plus, it eliminates odors so no one outside of your home has to know what your hubby's making for dinner ($250; bedbathandbeyond.com).


Head YouTek IG Speed Racquet

For a professional-level present, give the same tennis racquet that 2010 US Open Finalist Novak Djokovic uses. The YouTek IG Speed has a new frame structure and uses a tougher, yet lighter, material for the netting, which helps increase stability and shock absorption. The fibers also reduce racquet vibration from ball impact up to 17 percent. YouTek IG Speed is available in three models to accommodate all players (prices starting at $200; head.com).


Garmin Forerunner 910XT

For triathletes who want to juggle less gear, enter the Garmin Forerunner 910XT. This is Garmin's first all-in-one watch to record swim metrics—such as distance, efficiency, stroke identification, stroke count and pool lengths—as well as all the usual running and biking data. The 910XT supports ANT+ sensors, so you can mount it on your bike to log speed and cadence. It also comes with a new walk/run function to help new runners train ($449.99; garmin.com)


Soda Stream

We all know them: diet cola addicts that can’t go a day without their bubbly. Give them a healthier option with the Soda Stream. This innovative and fun machine turns tap water into flavored (or plain) soda water in under 30 seconds. Best of all, the homemade drinks are lower in calories and free of high-fructose corn syrup and aspartame (starting at $79.95; sodastreamusa.com).

Soda Stream

Electra Verse 21D

Loved ones won't be able to help but look hip when riding this cute, new Electra rig. But it doesn't just look cool: A full Shimano drivetrain also ensures a smooth ride. Want to add extras? The front and rear of the bike both have built-in mounts for racks and fenders. Check out Electra’s website for their equally cool line of bike baskets and accessories ($580; electrabike.com).


Black Diamond Trekking Poles

Hikers looking for some more reliability—and stability—on the trails will love Black Diamond’s superlight carbon fiber Ultra Distance Z-Poles. They quickly fold up for easy travel, but still deliver stiff resistance when fully extended. Backpacker magazine gave them their 2011 Editors’ Choice award ($149.95; blackdiamondequipment.com).

Black Diamond


Inspire someone to stick to their wellness goals with NewYu, a lightweight device that detects and identifies body movements. It tracks basic activities like walking and running plus more complex ones like biking or working out on the elliptical. NuYu also connects to computers, so users can track their progress through an interactive program and make adjustments along the way ($100; amazon.com).


TRX Rip Trainer

This simple kit helps exercisers transform any space into the ultimate gym. Once the cord is attached to a secure anchor point, such as a door, the rod turns into a versatile strength-training device, adding resistance to functional exercises, such as squats and axe chops. Pick up the pace and it becomes a cardio workout, too. For a sample full-body, fat-blasting workout click here ($190; trxtraining.com).


Blizzard Viva 7.6 IQ Skis and Bindings

Designed for all mountain shredding, these intermediate-level skis feature a 74mm waist, a forward-standing position and incredible grip that make initiating turns at any speed on packed snow or powder a piece of cake ($700; blizzardsportusa.com).

Blizzard Sports

Ahnu Montara Boot

Fun meets function with Ahnu’s Montara Boot. These colorful kicks feature a waterproof membrane so feet stay dry and ergonomic construction that supports and stabilizes one's natural stride ($140; ahnu.com).


Zumba Fitness 2 Game

All we’ve been hearing about lately is Zumba, the Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that’s spread to more than 125 countries. Now those too scared to make the leap to group classes can try it at home on their kid’s Nintendo Wii. The interactive game will help shy shimmiers achieve their fitness goals while learning real dance moves—a workout in disguise! ($40; amazon.com).

Zumba Fitness

Kuat Bottle Lock

What looks like an ordinary water bottle, is actually a covert way to keep your ride secure. Coiled inside this fake flask is a five-foot long cable that locks back into the bottle, which also houses a storage compartment in its base for keys, change and other small necessities ($34; kuatinnovations.com).


Nautilus CoreBody Reformer

Home exercisers have a new way to attack their abs and back. Although the CoreBody Reformer (CBR) looks like a foam roller—and can be used as one—attaching the resistance arms turns it into a strength-training tool. The CBR comes with four complete workout DVDs by high-profile trainer Jen Galardi that combine yoga for flexibility, dance for cardio and Pilates for core strength; exercise flip cards that can be used on the go; a detailed weight loss plan and a progress-tracking poster ($279; corebodyreformer.com).


FITiST Gift Card

Are you friends with a fitness fanatic that frequents both coasts? FITiST.com is a one-stop booking agency that helps big-city sweaters snag exclusive spots in fitness classes in New York City and Los Angeles. You can buy membership plans, but this holiday season they’re also offering a gift card good for five classes—everything from indoor cycling to Pilates—in either city (starting at $100; fitist.com).



A wonderful gift for walkers, this little pedometer is the ultimate motivator. Not only does Striiv track steps, it also contains games that are powered by physical activity—the more the user moves, the more rewards they get—and a charitable component that turns accumulated steps into a tangible donation ($99; striiv.com).


Sockwell Circulator Socks

What better stocking stuffer than therapeutic socks! Sockwell’s feature graduated compression, which has been shown to increase circulation and decrease leg pain and swelling. They keep legs comfortable during periods of extended sitting—like on long drives to see the in-laws ($24.99; goodhew.us.com).


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First Published November 3, 2011

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