Here Comes The 55-Year-Old Bride

Even though she had given up, the right man arrived and now she faces new struggles — the right dress, the right ceremony, the right reception.

by Alice Olson • Member { View Profile }

This story is for all the 50-plus women who, like me, were afraid to take another chance on finding love and Mr. Right. All I can say is this: "Never give up on anyone or anything; miracles happen every day but only happen to those who believe!" After my 49th birthday, I had given up on love.  I was afraid to take another chance at a relationship because I had my career, physical and emotional health, live in order, and I didn't need another heart break to throw my life's journey off course. As fate might have it, it turns out that the one and only man who I turned down for a date happened to be Mr. Right. And, if I didn't say no to him, I would of had happiness in my life six yers earlier instead of just three years ago. This year at the age of 55 I'm faced with being a bride, trying to decide what to wear for a wedding dress, and deciding what to do for the wedding ceremony and celebration  afterwards. If you are interested in following my pursuit of the perfect wedding dress, ceremony and celebration details and would like to publish my true story please contact me. 

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