Hillary Clinton's Secret Weapon

On a recent trip to Burma—where human rights have been crushed for half a century—Hillary Clinton shook hands with a young waitress who later sobbed to writer Lisa DePaulo, “She is our only hope.” What gives Clinton the power to connect so strongly with women in need? DePaulo wondered. In an inspiring and intimate conversation, Hillary reveals the answer

By Lisa DePaulo
hillary clinton in burma image
“This one Buddha looks like a woman,” Clinton observed during the traditional statue-anointing. After 11 pours, she asked, “Can I make 11 wishes?”
Photograph: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

“Give a little cheer for Scranton,” she reminds me as I’m about to leave. I know Clinton doesn’t want to get into the president thing, but I tell her I found it strange in ’08 that the media narrative was “It’s now or never for Hillary.” In 2016 she’ll be 68, 69. That’s not old anymore, I point out, and women live longer than men.

Nope, really not going there. But she does say this: “I don’t feel old.”

LISA DePAULO is a freelance writer in New York. This is her first article for More.

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Originally published in the April 2012 issue

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