Hire Me, I’m over 50!

Survey finds hiring managers would rather hire more mature workers than millennials

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

No doubt about it, searching for a job in today’s economy isn’t any fun at all. But if you’re using your age as a reason you’re not getting hired, it’s time to come up with a new excuse.

Business News Daily reports managers are three times as apt to hire someone 50 years old or older as they are to hire a millennial, according to a survey conducted by Adecco, a staffing and recruiting agency.

And if that hiring manager is a woman, even better. According to the website, females will give the job to a more mature candidate even more often.

Getting better with age? Yes, boss!

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Peter 10.13.2013

Meat Doesn't Taste Like It Used To
Most old people, I mean really old people, still have their 5 senses. But with age their senses become dull. Failing eyesight and poor hearing are obvious examples, but what about taste?
A school teacher once told me that old people complain meat doesn't taste like it used to, and this is because they've lost their ability to taste their food. (my teachers said many things apocryphal)
In my 50s I too found that the taste of meat did not compare to the meals I remember eating as a child. Could this be because of factory farming? The use of selective breading to maximise growth at the expense of quality? Insanitary farming practices resulting in high levels of chemicals in supermarket meat? Salmonella in every meal – more common than chips? Fecal matter still in the meat? High levels of bacteria in the meat, killed by thorough cooking, but their dead microbial bodies still there, on the plate? Or am I loosing my sense of taste?
As a child, I never liked carrots. Most vegetables cooked by my mother were reduced to a form beyond recognition in those pre-DNA analysis days. Boiled to oblivion and so tasteless. Yet now, when I cook a vegetable stew, it doesn't just taste good, it has so many tastes exploding in so many directions in my mouth, it's not just organic, it's almost orgasmic. The carrots and other root veggies, stripped of their outer hardness by pealing, boiled briefly to preserve their texture and taste. Garlic and onions, lightly fried until soft but not burned. Chilly, without the seeds and pith, fried gently along with shallots. Plus a generous helping of ground flax seeds for good health and topped with rosemary for that final prestige. I enjoy the tastes of my vegetable stew like never before. So, at the age of 50+ I'm not loosing my sense of taste – I'm just discovering it!
My eyesight remains good, with the help of reading glasses. My hearing still detects the mood of the masses. And my sense of taste declares we must cut out the meat and begin to enjoy the healthy and tasty experience that is a plant based diet.
For the sake of your sense of taste, and for your health - Eat Veggie.

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