Study: More Weight Can Mean Fewer Hot Flashes

Researchers find link between BMI and frequency of flashes.

By Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

We’re always pleased when we hear about a new scientific study that makes us feel a little bit better about scarfing up that half pan of homemade blondies we baked this week. Especially when it has to do with cooling off hot flashes.

Time reports researchers have found that when a woman has a higher BMI, a wider waist and a higher body-fat percentage, she has fewer hot flashes.

The study, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology, was small, according to the magazine: 52 women who have hot flashes but don’t take anything for them participated. Still, Time adds, the data show a relationship between weight and frequency of hot flashes, especially in white women older than 60.

Of course, this isn’t to say extra weight in menopause overrules all the other nasty conditions obesity can cause, the magazine reports.

Well, shoot. Anyone want half a pan of blondies before we finish them off completely? We’re getting kinda sweaty just thinking about them.

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First Published September 1, 2011

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