Hotel Stay? Pack Your Disinfectant

Study finds TV remote, light switches, bathrooms are teeming with germs

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Packing for that well-deserved summer vacation? Be sure to bring hand sanitizer. And wipes. Maybe some disinfecting spray, too. Because hotel rooms? Germ city.

MSNBC reports researchers conducting a new study looked for aerobic bacteria (germs that can cause fun stuff like streptococcus and staphylococcus) as well as fecal bugs (pardon us as we gag) in nine hotel rooms in three states and found that just because a surface looks clean doesn’t mean it is.

It turns out bathroom sinks and floors, main light switches and TV remotes were, well, nasty, even though you probably won’t get sick from them, the network says. The researchers conducted the survey as a prompt to get hotel housekeeping managers to up their efforts.

Still, maybe we should request rubber gloves with our ice bucket at check-in. That wouldn’t seem at all weird, right?

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