How to Avoid Burnout at Work

With retirement looming, it’s easy to get a little restless. But staying engaged so you can continue socking away cash is more important now than ever. Here, a few ways to stay enthusiastic in the office

by Kate Ashford and Dana Hudepohl
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Photograph: Thomas Fuchs

Take time off: Near the end of 2012, three quarters of workers hadn’t used all their vacation days, according to Adecco Staffing USA research. But after a vacation, 45 percent of us sit down at our desks feeling rested and rejuvenated, and 35 percent feel better about our jobs and more productive, according to an Expedia study.

Just say no: If you are promising everything to everyone, it’s no wonder you’re feeling on edge. Once you have established that you are a hard worker, learn to turn things down to protect your sanity.

Make new goals: You might have what experts refer to as “overrun goals.” That is, you’ve fulfilled the previous visions you had about your life—kids, work, lifestyle—and you haven’t re-evaluated. “Resetting goals at this stage may have more to do with the quality of your inner life,” says productivity expert David Allen. “Maybe you intend to spend more time writing poetry ot doing yoga.” Setting new goals in your personal life will reverberate positively throughout your working life.

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