How to Make Your Small Business Stand Out on Facebook

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Standing out on Facebook is easier than it might seem, but it takes a significant commitment of time and energy. There are three primary keys to crafting a successful Facebook campaign:

1. Consistency.
2. Quality content.
3. Interaction.


You cannot hope to create a successful Facebook campaign by showing up a couple times a week and posting links to your blog or your latest contributions to Ezine Articles. You must be active consistently. Only you can decide what consistency means for you – but a regular schedule of some sort will make it easier for you and for your friends/fans/followers. Daily is not too often, provided you are not streaming your Tweets about every little detail of your day.


Whether you’re using a Fan Page or your personal profile page to help build your business, you want to post quality content on a regular basis that is of interest to your fans/friends/followers. This will differ, depending on the kind of business you’re in. How difficult would it be for a REALTOR to come up with several interesting facts a week about the cities they serve? This might be a bit more challenging for an accountant, right? But what about posting a weekly math joke? Quotes of the day are a little trite – but even they can work if they’re tailored to a specific business or industry. For crying out loud – it’s the World Wide Web, people! Put on your craziest shirt or zaniest jewelry and tap into the right side of your brain to come up with a creative idea that works for YOU.


This is, perhaps, where most people fail when it comes to using Facebook to build their businesses. They go into it expecting to “sell stuff” to people. And they approach all of their fans and friends as potential customers at whom they push their goods or services. If you remember one thing about Facebook, it should be that it’s a SOCIAL medium, deliberate emphasis on the social part. Would you sling an offer to do a home inspection at the friends you hang out with at the bar on Friday nights? Then why are you constantly shoving marketing materials at people on Facebook? The real key to a successful Facebook campaign is understanding that its true value is in helping you build relationships, not necessarily find new clients. If you’re good at it, those relationships will e-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y lead to business or referrals, but you cannot go in with that as your focus, or you will alienate people before you ever get a chance to try to sell them anything.

Post quality content regularly, but remember that this is not about you. The most successful people on the Social Network are those who know how to interact with others, building dynamic relationships first. If someone posts a question in a group and you’ve got a ton of experience in the topic, answer the question and offer some encouragement. Don’t use it as a place to give your sales pitch. You’ll create much more goodwill that way – not only with the question asker, but with all the others who may be following that thread. And goodwill has a way of multiplying as it comes back to you.

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