How to Survive Menopause Without Becoming a Felon

That inner voice, that voice of reason, may be compromised because of lack of estrogen, and you need to really, truly think before you act.

by Haralee Weintraub • Member { View Profile }
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My initial title was “How to Survive Menopause Without Going to Jail,” but that seemed short sighted. A snarky remark to a policeman pulling you over for no apparent reason may result in a visit to jail. A shove back to an aggressive shopper may bring store or mall security, and it is only protocol that everyone gets hauled into jail to sort things out. A shove forward to get your comments heard by your political favorite might be misunderstood, and it is a ride to jail.

Becoming a felon means you have really stepped over the line. You have acted out regrettably in a way that cannot be sorted out easily. You have become irrational. You have listened to your inner estrogen deprived voice and snapped. You may be reading this too late. For those of us clinging to our rational- though-estrogen-deprived sanity, I write these words of advice. Full disclosure, my advice is from the point of view of someone who cannot offset her menopause symptoms by hormones natural or otherwise.

Most women over the course of several years go through a phase called “perimenopause.” This means little side effects are happening. Most women think something critical is wrong with them or it is stress. In reality, more often than not, it is the start of menopause. Denial is one of the first side effects of menopause or perimenopause. I liken the denial phase to the river Nile. The banks are very lush, the water is very cool, the area is very beautiful, and if you could just live there in la-la land of denial, everyone and everything would be great!

Sooner or later, the denial phase does not make sense anymore. Maybe a friend, a spouse, or co-worker mentions more than once that you are not quite yourself. Maybe you even have a self reflective non-denial thought and think that you are not yourself either. You start to wonder where the hell did you go and who has taken over your body and mind?

There are many wonderful websites, books, and resources available to find out everything about menopause. From the medical to the spiritual to the alternative to the myths, there is information out there. I am going to share in the following weekly posts the most important information and that is how to survive menopause without becoming a felon. The biggest tip I can give overall is that your inner voice, that voice of rational reason, may be compromised because of lack of estrogen, and you need to really truly absolutely positively think and think again before you act, lest you become a felon! 

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