A Match Made in Divorce

While you're spending countless hours putting together your dream wedding, Lois Tarter, author of the upcoming book The Divorce Ritual, warns what might happen if you lose sight of what’s most important.

Lois Tarter • Divorce Expert/ Divorce Party Planner

Listening to your inner voice can help save you from a divorce as well. More often than not, you have many of the answers to your own questions yourself. If you have gone through much of what we already discussed and still can't figure out if you should move forward with your wedding or not, take a few days to yourself. Your inner voice will begin speaking to you and chances are it will help you come to a decision. If you decide to move forward with the wedding, know that you have really thought this decision through. And the same goes if you decide to move on. While it may be emotionally hard to break up so far into any relationship, you need to think about the heartbreak it will save you in the long-term.


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First Published December 19, 2011

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