The Secret to Better Sex

The key to a great sex life? Staying in shape... down there.

Sage Romano • Divine Caroline Contributor
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Resistance Training
Okay, you’re on board with kegels now, in case you weren’t already. Really, there’s no reason not to do them. But there are tools for being an overachieving kegeler. Tools, you say? Indeed. Allow me to introduce you the vaginal barbell. I’m not even kidding. It’s a one-pound weight, phallic in shape (unsurprisingly), made of stainless steel, with rounded bulges on each end, one side smaller than the other. As you can imagine, it can double as a sex toy if you want it to. The idea behind it is the same as with any other weight-lifting device: resistance equals increased strength. The idea is to contract your PC, with the vaginal barbell in place, and hold it there … while standing up. For advanced kegelers with super-strong PCs, you can even walk around with the vaginal barbell, if you dare. And I’m not talking about carrying it in your hand. Vaginal barbells come in other varieties as well—balls and springs, mostly. But they all work on the same concept as the barbell described above, and many of them are marketed as a remedy for incontinence, rather than as sexual enhancements.

Kegel How-To
There’s not really a wrong way to do a kegel, provided you always contract and never push. But if you want to get really deliberate about starting up a daily kegels regimen, follow this routine: exhale a long breath, then contract your PC and inhale deeply at the same time, holding the contraction for at least eight to ten seconds, then release. And repeat. For new kegelers, ten repetitions of this simple exercise each day will suffice for the first couple of weeks, then ramp up to fifteen reps when you start feeling ambitious. If only sit-ups were so easy, right?

What does anyone—male or female, young or old—have to lose? Kegels can be part of your corporeal routine of well-being. The same way you eat your five servings of vegetables a day and go to the gym, you can sit at your desk at work and give your lady parts a discreet workout. No incontinence and better sex for all!

Originally published August 2010, Divine Caroline

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First Published August 25, 2011

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