How to Let Go of Wanting to Look Young

No matter who you are or how much money you throw at a plastic surgeon, you will age. What you can control? How you do it: in denial—or with dignity. Psychologist Vivian Diller lays out a plan for those who choose the latter

By Emily Listfield
vivian diller
Vivian Diller
Photograph: Chris Fanning

First Published January 3, 2012

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piggy sue02.13.2012

This was an interesting story & I felt it was directed at just me. I mourn my youth nearly everyday. I can't do anything to change the years, but I still find myself thinking to recapture something of that era. It seems I'm fighting with my inner self. I think I look age appropriate but I don't really know what that means when I don't feel the 57 years my body is reflecting..........I have a picture of myself 10 years ago & wonder why I can't still fix my hair that way, or lose weight like I used to could do. I walk myself to death on the treadmill & can not loose an ounce! I probably would go the surgery route if I could afford it, but then in 10 more years what will I do when it comes down again with gravity.... my mother is 82 years old & doesn't look it either. Ironically, she feels the same way I do. She has never related to people her age, doesn't fit in the "mall walking" crowd, will NOT wear tennis shoes for walking because it makes her look old. I feel I'm wasting my efforts on feeling this way. I just can't get past it. I see the ads for clothes I used to could wear, the young women they are targeted at, and feel I'm being left out of that.

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