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How to Write a Resume...

How to Write a Resume to Secure an Interview Call

Do you remember the last ten companies where you sent your resume? Do you remember the exact name of the position that you applied? Do you remember if there was any reply from a company? Do you remember what you thought last time you reviewed your resume?

We all look for newer opportunities. Thus, we send the resume whenever we see an opportunity. However, we often forget to follow up. We do not often maintain any data about the applications.

Do you really think that sending a resume is enough to secure an interview call?

Another big problem is that candidates often do not take a recruitment advertisement as a unique situation. They have a single version of resume that they send to every company. Let us look at the situation and find out the best way to approach a job advertisement.

Preparing the primary resume: At this stage, you prepare a primary resume with all the details about you, your vision, your educational qualification, job experience, etc. This resume acts as a skeleton and puts everything you have at one place.

Search for the right job advertisements: At this stage, we hope that you know exactly what you want to do and you have enough knowledge about what this position or profile actually involves. Some companies often advertise in their own Web site rather than advertising on a job board. On the other hand, some companies outsource the recruitment procedure to other stuffing companies. If you have any specific company in mind, you need to find out their recruitment strategy and use the same route to send your resume. Otherwise, you can upload your resume in different online job boards and wait for the prospective employers to contact you. Most of the popular job boards often send you related job postings as and when they appear. All you need to do is to find out the right profile and the right company to apply.

Evaluating a company as a recruiter: A company that offers great products in your domain may not be good enough to work. Thus, do not take any company at their face value. Do some background studies to know more about the company. You can visit different social networks to find out present or ex employees of the company to get an insider’s view about the company. You may be thinking that the process is too time consuming to follow. However, this homework will help you not only to eliminate unnecessary applications, it will also save a lot of time in that you would have spent in the interview and in the preparation for the interview.

Preparing the perfect resume: Resume writing is always a work in progress. Once you have identified the right company, it is time to prepare the resume according to their need. For example, if they are looking for certain qualities in the prospective candidate, focus on them while preparing the resume. Focus on your strength and show them how you can add value t their company. This will attract the interviewer and you may secure an interview call.

Follow up: If there is an opportunity, you should follow up to know the status of your application. However, do not overdo it.

Now face the interview board with confidence. The job is waiting for you.