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I’m Here!!

I’m Here!!

In life we often look down and around, but never up.

The struggles of life become so strenuous, but still we try to fix things on our own. If we would just trust God enough, and let Him be in control. Here’s a little story about trusting God...

A man was climbing a mountain and when he had reached the very top he lost balance, but luckily got hold of a branch. So now he’s hanging there, and suddenly he cried out “Is there anybody up there!”. And God said, “Yes I’m here, What would you have me do for you”? And the man cried out “Help me please I can’t hold on any longer.” And God said, “Alright! All you got to do is Trust Me And Let Go of the branch, and I’ll catch you when you fall”. The man cried out, “Is there anybody else up there?” What had happen was, this man did not trust God at all. Now that’s exactly what we do in our Christian walk with God. Most of the time we want to do things in our own way, even when we know we simply can’t. So we might as well give it up to God, and let God handle it. Because the battle is not ours, but the Lord’s...