Indiana: We'll Risk Losing Medicaid Money to Ban Planned Parenthood Funding

State could lose more than $4 billion for the poor and the elderly.

By Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

How much money would you be willing to let your state leaders risk to push their social-issue agendas?

How about $4.3 billion? The Associated Press reports the Republican-led Indiana Legislature is willing to forfeit that amount in federal Medicaid funding to push its antiabortion stance after voting this year to put an end to government funding of Planned Parenthood in the state.

"I think this is an instance in which a state is really trying to overturn national policy and in so doing is likely to forgo federal funding," Christopher Arterton, a political professor at George Washington University and an expert on federal-state issues, tells the news service.

Planned Parenthood is suing to overturn the Indiana law, according to the AP, which adds that the White House has told the state to end the ban as well. A state can’t choose whom to give funding to (Congrats! You get money! Sorry, you don’t!), the Department of Health and Human Services says; hence the cutoff of Medicaid money, the news service reports.

So no abortions, but no money for the poor or the elderly either. Our choice? Not to live in Indiana. What do you think?

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First Published June 7, 2011

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