Scared of the Dark? No Wonder You Can’t Sleep

Researchers find phobias could be a reason for insomnia

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Can’t fall asleep at night? You might want to flick on a night-light, because a small new study finds you’re probably afraid of the dark.

ScienceDaily reports researchers found almost half of the college students studied said they fear the dark.

“The poor sleepers were more easily startled in the dark compared with the good sleepers,” the study’s lead author, Taryn Moss, tells the website. “As treatment providers, we assume that poor sleepers become tense when the lights go out because they associate the bed with being unable to sleep. Now we’re wondering how many people actually have an active and untreated phobia.”

And here we thought our restlessness had more to do with watching True Blood before bed. Next week we’ll keep the hall light on.

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