Done with Tables for One?

New website Invite for a Bite helps women meet up with other women over meals

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Maybe you’re traveling on business. Or your date canceled. Or you just can’t stomach another night eating a frozen cardboard entrée while watching America’s Next Top Model, cycle 517. You find yourself dining out at a restaurant alone. Totally cool with that? Fab. Dread it like the plague? Check out Invite for a Bite.

CNN reports the new website is a meet-up for women to find other women to eat with.

“I was in my kitchen making tea and heard a few minutes of a BBC radio program that involved an interview with women who traveled alone for business or pleasure,” founder Cressida Howard tells the network. “They were all strong women who had no problem traveling alone, but the one thing they all got very animated about was how they hated eating alone.”

Billed as a safe and friendly way to meet and eat, the website allows you to create an invitation, noting where you’d like to eat (at a restaurant, at home, for a picnic), or search invites already out there, and voilà! No more worrying about weird looks or feeling uncomfortable at your table for one.

Getting a great meal out and possibly making a new friend? Sounds pretty delicious to us.

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