Israel Passes Underweight-Model Ban

Models will have to provide medical proof that their BMI is healthy

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Find seriously skinny models a bit scary? So do Israeli lawmakers, who passed a law this week banning malnourished gals from appearing on runways and in ads, Reuters reports.

In an attempt to halt eating disorders, the law, the first of its kind, requires models to provide medical proof at each photo shoot that their body-mass index meets the World Health Organization standard of 18.5 or higher, according to the news service.

Additionally, the ban extends to the use of a model who “appears underweight” and requires advertisers to state if a model was digitally made to look skinnier, Reuters adds.

“Beautiful is not underweight, beautiful should not be anorexic,” lawmaker Rachel Adato tells the news service.

Critics of the ban, including Adi Neumann, a popular Israeli model, say health can’t always be measured by weight alone, the Associated Press reports

“Force actual tests,” Neumann, who has a BMI of 18.3, tells the AP. “Make girls go to a doctor. Get a system to follow girls who are found to be puking.”

What do you think? Should underweight models be banned from ads and runways? Or is this a case of government getting too involved? Leave a comment below!

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First Published March 21, 2012

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