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Is it Time to...

Is it Time to Decaffeinate the Workday?

We all have the friend at work who sips incessantly from the same mug, making periodic treks to the coffee machine down the hall. And the co-worker who keeps a cold Diet Coke on her desk from 9 a.m. on. And there’s the guy in the next cubicle who breaks at least once a day for a Starbucks run.

Where is their self-control?

A lot of people, it seems, just can’t survive a workday without regular jolts of caffeine.

With the news that soft drink makers soon will post the amount of caffeine on cans and bottles, we, I mean those other people, the ones without the self-control, are going to have to face facts about just how much they are consuming.

With that in mind, I gathered a few facts on the American worker’s fix (not because I have a problem, because really, I could quit anytime, I am just curious about what other people are doing):

Amount of caffeine in twelve ounces of Coke: 34 milligrams

Amount of caffeine in twelve ounces of Diet Pepsi: 36 milligrams

Amount of caffeine in eight ounces of plain, brewed coffee: 135 milligrams

Amount of caffeine in Starbucks Coffee Grande: 259 milligrams

Number of Starbucks locations worldwide: 12,440

Percentage of American workers who rely on caffeine to get them through the day: 80%

I gathered this data from a variety of sources, including a report from the Mayo Clinic, Starbucks and a survey by WorkPlace Media. I also found a story on DivineCaroline called “Pregnancy’s Limitations: What Can You Do?” to be interesting, because, okay, maybe I am just a little hooked, and maybe I didn’t quite give up soft drinks during pregnancy.

(If you think work is exhausting now, try doing the same job with another human growing in your belly! And this is when I am supposed to kick the habit?!)

Not that I have a habit, per se, because unlike Mr. I-Must-Have-A-Frappuccino-Or-I-Will-Pass-Out-On-My-Keyboard in the next cube, I could quit whenever. Really.