16 Apps for Landing Your Next Job

Maximize your job hunt with the tap of a touch screen. These apps will help you land the perfect new career. 

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Your Job Hunt Starts Here

When you’re looking for your next job, mobile applications can be your biggest asset. You can use apps to get text or email notifications when jobs open up in your industry.  You can build a resume on your phone and send it off within seconds. You can even calm your pre-interview nerves with apps that prepare you for tough questions. But with hundreds of career apps on the market—and hundreds of candidates vying for open positions—it’s a job-hunting jungle out there. Here are 16 great apps for finding the perfect position, connecting with future employers and even landing a new career.

Jobs by CareerBuilder.com

Careerbuilder.com is one of the biggest job-listing sites on the Web, and its app is equally thorough. Narrow down your job search by keyword, location or company. If you want to view a listing later—or pass it along to a friend—use the email function to send the listing to the inbox of your choice. (Free.)

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Search for open jobs within your zip code, then arrange results from newest to oldest for your most up-to-date local job search. Filter results by company, title or industry to get exactly the position you’re looking for. (Free.)

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Looking for more professional connections? Use beamME to connect and chat with people working near you or within your industry. The more people you connect with, the more beamME can understand what type of connections you’re looking for, refining your search results and making recommendations to fit your networking needs. (Free.)

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Resume Generator Pro

Build and email a mobile version of your resume for those on-the-go networking moments. The app’s resume template already has sections (professional experience, education, references, etc.) for you to fill in, but you can customize the order to maximize your resume’s impact. ($0.99)

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This app pulls all of its job listings from Craigslist posts. Search through thousands of jobs in your area, then upload your resume to the app to reply to an employer’s listing or create your own seeking-work ad on Craigslist. ($1.99)

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SnapDat Digital Business Cards

SnapDat brings business cards into the digital world by allowing users to design and trade business cards made exclusively for mobile devices. With your SnapDat card, potential employers can effortlessly upload your information to their contact lists. (Free.)

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This application lists only jobs posted wherever you're currently standing. But unlike other apps that use GPS, JobCompass actually plots the jobs on a map, so you can see exactly where in town they are. (Free.)

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Job Search Engine

The job search engine at LinkUp.com offers only jobs listed on official company and employer websites, filtering the spam that often clogs up other engines. Through the website’s mobile app, you can search the database, apply for jobs and sign up for email alerts for when new jobs open up and other listings close.  (Free.)

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Hire Me!

Cure your pre-interview jitters with Hire Me!, an application designed to help you make a great first impression. Using 300 practice interview questions, record your answers and play them back for self-critique. The app also offers a music channel to relax your nerves. ($0.99)

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Monster.com Jobs

Download the mobile extension of the well-known job-hunting website to launch your search. Apply for jobs, track the jobs you’ve applied for and save jobs you’re interested in applying for. (Free)

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Career Assessment

Looking to reinvent your career but don’t know where to start? This app provides an assessment test to help you see what profession your personality is most suited for, then offers local listings for classes that can get you on the right path.  (Free.)

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Job Search Manager

During the job hunt, it can be difficult to keep track of how many applications you’ve sent out—and who you’ve sent them too. Track each resume sent with Job Search Manager, an app that allows you to keep all your job listings—and contacts—in one place. Build to-do lists and compare listings to keep your hunt organized. ($1.99)

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Interview Guru

Be prepared for the big day with Interview Guru, an app that provides dozens of tips for all stages of the interview: the days before, the day of and the days after. ($0.99)

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Take the Web’s most renowned professional networking site with you on the go. In addition to all the features of the website—including job listings within your industry and network—LinkedIn’s app streams the day’s top headlines, tailored to your interests and your industry. (Free.)

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If you’ve just been dabbling in freelance work, dive in with BusyBee, a professional networking app designed to promote your services. Create a profile, list your skills for hire and instantly connect with future customers. (Free.)

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Read success stories and advice from women who have reinvented their careers. Check out the day’s women-in-the-workplace news and get inspired with tips on keeping organized and maximizing your efficiency at work. (Free.)


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First Published August 2, 2011

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